Restore color to a once beautiful world. Be the artist of a living painting.

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Everyone Is An Artist

Drawing lies at the core of Inkless. Our goal is to make the painting experience easy and fun for artists and non-artists alike. Anyone can draw in Inkless.

Open World

Explore a vast canvas filled with puzzles and curious characters inspired by Japanese lore. Paint whereever and whenever as you explore.

Ink Your Mark

Utilize a variety of brushes as you draw foliage to avoid detection or create cover to protect yourself. Watch the world shape to your choices and actions.


Take our latest public build for a spin, and let us know what you think! All works are currently in development and are not accurate representations of the final product. Content subject to change.

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The World

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These mischievous creatures are commonly found in Japanese lore. Tengus are not typically aggressive creatures, despite their intimidating appearance. They carry two giant fans on their back which are used to fend off anything and anyone that startles them.

Artwork by Terence So

Under construction.



The legendary creature of the green zone. Few is known about this majestic creature. Its disappearance has led to a world of lost color.

Artwork by Makayla James

Under construction.


Shiba (Doggokami)

A Shiba deity that has lost its bone to some mischievous Tengus.

Artwork by Makayla James

Under construction.


Fake Reviews

- UNDER CONSTRUCTION : Bios and other members coming soon ! -

The Team


Currently planning for a fully realized demo release by the end of Spring 2018.

Available on Mac and PC.

*Stay tuned.

UCSC Baskin Engineering - Game Lab